What People Are Saying About Yatri


“Feeling at home in the heart of Kathmandu ” I was supposed to go to another hotel located in the same street of this one until the taxi driver dropped me to this one, maybe because he thought it was the one I was looking for or maybe because he did not know where he was going-; still, whatever the reason is, I have been very well welcomed here. It was around 9.30 pm so there was no light in Kathmandu, I was really tired of my day, and especially because I've been travelling in Nepal for 5 days and alone. The owner and the receptionnists understood that as they understood I had a very tiny budget: so as they did not want me to go back outside, alone and in the dark, looking for a hotel I was not sure to find at this time of the day, they offered me one single room for this night with a discount on the room and on the breakfast for tomorrow morning -a breakfast I have been allowed to take after 11am -time It's usually done- as I was tired and needed a long night. Hotel Encounter is more expensive than some other places you can find near or in Thamel but 1) for an europeen it is really cheap (20 dollars the night for a private room -double bed- and private bathroom; while for this kind of place in Europe you could not find less than 55 dollars) 2) It is very clean, there is hot shower (hey no, It's not so obvious here), you have a free access to internet -and compared to some other places the connexion is really good, the staff is always here for you when you need it, you have a restaurant and some other services that can help you a lot when travelling here. I really recommand this place if you are looking for somewhere clean, well located, some privacy, and some confort, for a cheap price. Thank you very much to the staff. I will definitely stay more than one night. Stayed July 2016, traveled solo

Posted by Manson C

If u like actions clean, comfort and fair values, this will be the ideal place for stay. Room 15US w street view and noise(I like street actions as a solo traveler), 3.5US morning's breakfast listening Buddha song in a little garden. Very good!